Brynmawr Story

Brynmawr Welsh Terriers I met my first Welsh Terrier in 1966. At the time, I was breeding and training German Shepherd dogs. A local breeder friend, Gertrude Amiot, asked if I could take her Welsh to a weekend show as she couldn't make it. He was aptly named "Happy" and we had the best time with him. I announced that I wanted to get a Welsh Terrier and he could be my little mascot with all my big shepherds. Within two years, I ended up with one Germand Shepherd and all Welsh. It was the beginning of my obsession and my passion.

I acquired my first Welsh from Carl Neuman of the noted Carlano Kennels - Ch. Carlano Trystan, C.D. (aka Jamie). He was a great learning dog. First, I learned that, even though Welsh Terriers and German Shepherds can be the same color, it doesn't mean they mirror behavior and personality traits. After a very successful obedience record accomplishing several titles including utility and tracking, I found out what it was really like to be a trainer. Through all the laughter and tears we managed to obtain a respectable C.D. Good enough for both of us. Then there was the grooming. Handstripping was a whole other world. At one of the local shows a young girl in pigtails came up to me and started giving me advice. I asked if she just wanted to show the dog. That was the beginning of a very long and close friendship with Mary Beecher Padgett who finished my first Welsh! I was hooked.

I was fortunate to acquire two young females, another Carlano bitch, Brynmawr Windsong (out of Ch. Golden Oaks Jim Royal), and Ch. Janterrs Oh Susanna. These three dogs became my foundation.

My first home-bred champion - Ch. Brynmawr Abby Road, finished her championship at the Welsh Terrier Club of Northern Illinois specialty and went on to become a multiple group and BIS winner. She was bred to a beautiful young male, Ch. Tujay's Touchdown and produced specialty winning get. Bert (Ch. Brynmawr Auspicious Choice) our next BIS welsh is now retired. He came home after a career that included all-breed best in show, multiple groups and specialty wins. He won our 2006 National Specialty at Montgomery and Award of Merit at Westminster. At this time he is enjoying the good life chasing squirrels and sleeping on Kathy McAtamney's bed. Look for this team in the rally ring soon. Our latest BIS winner, Brynmawr N' Seaplume Built Tough (Ford) is currently being beautifully shown by Klayton Harris. Ford now resides in sunny Florida with his best friends Matt O'Ferrell and Caryn Stevens.

Brynmawr Welsh Terriers

Continuing Brynmawr's commitment to stay true to breed type without compromising health and soundness and to preserve their highly driven hunting instincts and wonderful temperament, I have built a breeding program that produces dogs that are a good representative of their breed and a joy to live with.

Through on-going study of the breed standard, pedigrees, history and health issues, competitive comparisons and an open and receptive attitude, Brynmawr continues to be a successful show, breeding, and training kennel.